I am red with passion

Crimson with lust

Elegant too 

Yet delicate to the touch

Pick me wrong, and my thorns will draw your blood

But pick me right,

And I will give you all my love.




I want to be the name
Nipping your lips when you wake
My fingertips eliciting goosebumps
Wherever they may trace.

The jade eyes locking yours
In the recesses of your dreams
I’ll purr to you as you fall asleep
Like a cat that’s got the cream

I’ll split a chasm in the dam of your emotions
Let them flow, unbidden, raw and free
Fill your soul with the music of my voice
The notes harmonizing, to your symphony

My smile will thaw you on a frozen day
You’ll taste the euphoria in my tears
I’ll be the rain which kisses you in a desert of despair
And the shield to allay all your fears

I’ll be your human aphrodisiac
Liquefying your willpower, layer by layer
Teasing you with my cheekiness
And drawing you into a game with the ultimate player

I’ll tantalize you to relinquish all control
Enticing you to the precipice of pleasure
Creating memories more effulgent
Than the seven seas’ finest treasure

We’ll surf the waves of tactility
Electricity dancing through our touch
We’ll fashion a galaxy for the two of us
A halcyon haven of trust.

I’ll be the wings beneath you as you soar

Emerging through the stratosphere
I’ll ride your stallion on sunlit waters
And whisper my secrets in your ear

I’ll be the hope that waits for you
In the darkness shrouding your mind
I’ll banish the shadows with a mellifluous song
And hug your happiness until it shines.

If you’re next to me, we’ll fold into one under the stars
And if you’re not by my side,
I’ll just come visit you
In your chamber of my heart.


‘One mans justice is another man’s injustice…one man’s wisdom, is another man’s folly’ -Emerson

I watch you-
Inspecting your darkness
And finding you wanting.
Listening to the language
Leaking from your body.
Your thoughts a miasma of phantoms

Swirling, restless and unyielding
Drawing comfort from your cynicism
-The mask to the realities
That you are concealing.

I’m rifling through the evidence
You left the fingerprint of your spirit on mine
And the case files are thickening
As I pry open a conduit into your mind.

As I dissect the scar tissue of your memories
A glint of doubt snakes into black eyes
The scalpel is out, flashing as it works
And you’ve never been this scrutinized

You’re treading borrowed time,
Tiptoeing across an emotional highwire
The threads of your control are unraveling
And the Gordian knot frays, hissing as I light its fire.

The lead boots of conscience that you never wore
Are forming like anchors with a will of their own
Slicing open your consciousness
And making your mind their home

The goosebumps are racing over your flesh
Your protests tearing the fabric of the night
Pulse quickening and skin suddenly feverish
As I bare your neck to the knife.

The gargoyles of your past are stirring
I taste the scent of your blood in the water
The veil of detachment is dissolving
As my bindings around you become tauter.

Because when you gaze into the abyss
The abyss gazes back
And it’s only a matter of time
Before I make you crack.

An Awakening

From each to each

A presence waits

In one, in all

A Lucifer incubates.


Encoded quietly

An unknown switch


Once it is tripped.


Golding’s island,

The distanced scene

Always closer

Than it seems


Catalysts indexed

Countless stand

Imprisonment, suspicion

Touch by the wrong hand


One’s replacement, betrayal,

The archangel rears

Hate, riches, or a whispered threat…

It’s favourite is fear.


Accidental crime

Unseen, would all admit-

Offer their wrists to the handcuffs

Or silently omit?


Reaching through temporal fissures

Torsion, flexion, claws and wings

In years or with immediacy

Depravity springs.


Insidious development

With serrated stages

Like sabre toothed tigers

Escaping their cages


Nihilistic seduction

The layers draw back

It can take one interstitial moment

For death to hatch.


Dormant memories activated

A lover’s attack

What would it take

For your egg to crack?



Tip of the Iceberg

His eyes are shifting

Darting to the exit

The cogs are whirring

Prefrontal cortex tensing.


Calculations are revolving

In concentric circles

Eliminating possibilities

Leaping the hurdles.


The scales are tipping

Counterbalancing is in play

His mouth verbalizes evenly

But emotions enter the fray.


The knee is bouncing

The brows are furrowed

The jaw muscles are twitching

Words twisting on tiptoes.


Defenses are rising

With confabulated accounts

But the real mistake

Is the accusation thrown out.


Slowed responses,

With questions repeated

The web has tangled

And the stores are depleted.


Righteous justifications

Emerge bitter with ‘but’s’

Accountability closes in

And the game, is up.



I diagnose you with purity

A trait with particular fragility

It’s existence these days is almost temerity

And it’s discovery, is a precious rarity.

Your symptomatology is devoid

Of Machiavelli’s darkness, with enchanting transparency

Altruistic happiness unerringly real

Playing the game of life with true dexterity.

The non- apologists range far and wide

Many would have you fall before false pride

Trip on jealousy, fester in hate

There are plenty of liars lying in wait.

The self- interested will cast covert hooks of bait

But my respect for you will never wane.

Those for whom opportunity controls their loyalty

Or declare themselves too busy (it’s a matter of priorities)

Will be all too willing to ensnare your company.

But please don’t ever get infected

Because, you see

It would be the death of me.

Piece By Piece

(The interesting dichotomy between introverted versus extroverted thinking: an observed similarity in situational handling that I’ve found among many. )

I can only watch, an unwilling spectator
Your self destructive feedback loop,
Cocktails of discontent spreading, a mental epidemic,
A disappointing antithesis
To the simple power of ‘could’.

I see winged thoughts entombed, fluttering madly against their cages
Reverberating in the darkness of a hollow dome
Their forcible silencing, as crippling as tasers.

Atomised once, convictions refuse to devolve
Suppression is out of the question
A sabotage has set its course
And we both know there’s no recession.

They’re crystallising, beautiful and terrible in their evolution
And I’m rooted, immutable, to my seat
The silent inevitability plays out before my eyes
A testament, to shadowed self belief.

Unraveling at exponential speed, the spiral unleashes vicious missives
In a chokehold, I’m backed up against a wall
And with mechanistic apathy,
The thrashing continues.

Supercilious tones, searing sardonic smiles
Each leave small or seismic marks
Goading, tearing and mocking me
Until finally fly the sparks.

Dissections done, the waiting game is up
The last self denying veil is cast away
The foundations lie as Roman ruins
And there’s nothing left to say.


“There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”
-Anaïs Nin


(Based on Jean Piaget’s paradigmatic structures)


The only thing that is constant

Is that there will always be change.

All information encountered

Is accommodated, assimilated or engaged.

Our reality is construction

We are perpetually in flux

One must recycle the blocks of their creation

And here we come to the crux.


You can’t step into the same river twice

Nor into a river yourself the same

The telemeres have died and regrown

And memories rewrite themselves, even as they fade.


Yet there are underlying natures

Which never seem to change

Tendencies which override

The voice telling them, not to make the same mistakes.

If someone wrongs you once

And tells you they wouldn’t again

What they will change is how they do it-

Don’t fall for the updated pretense.


Close that darkened door

And open yourself ten more

Laugh at their jealousy, curtsey to their rage

And then go and perform, on a different stage.

Why walk the dry riverbed

When drought and dust will never be your friend?

Take the tributary to the delta

Leap into the jungle, and hope it never ends.

Flirt with the danger, whirl into the wild

Run as the horse that sees the jump

And never ever shies.


Sashay into the unknown

Court it coquettishly as you please

Intelligent is she who adapts

And moves to counter attacks, not appease.

So sharpen your senses to scalpels

Meet every swipe with a knowing smile

Work it out psychologically

Before they even know they’re on trial.


Because in life you only get one chance

And if you’re waltzing with the scorpion

You should make your last

Your most elegant dance.


‘Space was just a word made up by someone afraid to get too close’ -Close, Tove Lo.

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